Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Whiskey Jack Angel

The Whiskey Jack Angel is one of my photos that was noticed by Apple for their shot on iPhone promotions. It was when I was only using my iPhone 7 Plus for photograph and I was on the verge of looking for a real camera.
It was a cold day about -15° and I was out on a friends property in Manitoba, near Riding Mountain National Park. I was out in the pond area that even in the winter is beautiful with the snow covered trees and cattails. There had been a snowfall the night before and I waited until the warmth of the afternoon to go for a walk in the new snow. At the pond I discovered several spots where Whiskey Jacks had dove into the snow chasing mice for a winter meal. Most of these spots showed the struggle with the bird catching it prey, but  then I discovered this one beautiful pristine impression. I quickly brought out my phone to snap a photo, but I wasn’t quick enough. I had brought the neighbors dog with me and he stepped in the tail feather part of the impression. I was left with this amazing snow angel of a bird and a paw print. I still saw a great photograph so I took the photo and cropped the bottom which left the birds snow angel looking to me like a Phoenix rising from the snow.
I still enjoy this photo. The glint of sun off the snow, the shadows, the pattern left from the wings, and the memories I relive everytime I look at this image. I hope you enjoy this photograph as much as I do.

Whiskey Jacks are also known as Gray Jays. They are a very smart bird in the same family as the blue jay. Many people have friended these birds turning them into pets as they are curious and engaging birds.

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